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Welcome to New Age Alternative Arts

Welcome and thank you for visiting my web-site.  As a wellness practitioner, my mission through my work as a facilitator is to provide people with a means of “self-discovery”.  Anyone who has an open mind, can begin taking self-responsibility to embrace these ancient arts, passed down through the centuries as guides to self-evolvement into a higher state of consciousness.

Know Thyself ”, the oracle of the Delphi.

But, how do we learn to “know ourselves” without guides.  These ancient arts are the “guides” whereby we can realize and embrace our inherent wholeness.  Knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is the greatest freedom.

I deeply believe that it is our responsibility to develop ourselves to the utmost that we are capable.  Thereby contributing to humanity’s upward evolvement into the light of human brotherhood, peace, and a world brought back into harmony and wholeness.

I most humbly and sincerely wish to facilitate your journey into “self-discovery” with my “New Age” Alternative Arts.


Blessings and humble thanks,
Janet L. Rydall, Facilitator

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